My key objective is to bring more than 20 years of diverse ICT experience to any business. Through my career I have been involved in a variety of high pressure management, project management and team leading ICT roles within the aviation, mining and medical industry, I have a keen interest fast paced ICT operations, I operate best when challenged.

I am confident with stakeholder and management engagement, I have strong skills in process mapping, analysis and risk assessment. I am a driven and people focused individual, and have excellent communication and negotiation skills as well as experience in dispute resolution and mediation.

I am seeking a role that is a hands-on technically focused in project management, IT compliance, auditing and change control, as well as operational team lead roles, or part of a wider technical team delivering services and infrastructure to the business.



  • 19 Years experience in the IT industry;
  • Diploma of Project Management (BSB51107);
  • Extensive experience in large scale multi site ICT and Risk Management Projects;
  • Currently undertaking RPL for Advanced Diploma of Information Technology Business Analysis (ICA60311);
  • Sound knowledge of LEAN and Six Sigma methodologies;
  • Certificate IV Trainer and Assessor (TAA40104 and TAE40110);
  • Extensive Risk Management and Mitigation Certification; (PUA, FUN, MNC, RII, BSB)
  • Approved resources industry Trainer Assessor (TAE) and Supervisor (S1, S2, S3);
  • 22 years experience in the State Emergency Service (VICSES/QSES), Victoria CFA and Queensland Rural Fire Service;
  • Previous Local Controller for State Emergency Service (Bribie Island, Deception Bay, Caboolture and Woodford region)

Relevant Experience


  • Managed and maintained 24/7/365 operational ICT support to the aviation, mining and medical industries managing operational ICT staff, developers, engineers and help desk, along with IT asset management, maintenance and procurement in high pressure and fast paced environments;
  • Sound knowledge of TCP/IP, Routing / Switching, DNS and traffic engineering, hands on experience in deploying, managing and supporting of Unix, Windows, Mac OS Servers as well as deployment management and support of VMware technologies and Active Directory management;
  • Experienced in network security and forensics including LAN/WAN/ testing tools, policies & procedures and responding, documenting and forensically investigating issues and security breaches;
  • Sound communication, documentation and reporting skills with the ability to deliver IT Change & Release Management related Audit outcomes to senior management and stakeholders. Able to define and govern policies and processes, and maintain quality control and compliance.
  • Experienced in Project Management and delivering diverse and complex IT projects including the handling of budgets and managing the resources for large projects and designing, building and deployment of complex infrastructure and desktop environments, as well as development and implementation of disaster recovery and business continuity processes
  • Hands on experience in planning, building, deploying, managing and supporting Data Centre and clustering technologies and the development, implementation and support of cloud services (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, NaaS);

Career table overview


Organisation Role Projects/ Duties Dates
MSS Strategic Medical Emergency Services Officer 








Project Coordinator



Training Coordinator

Team Leader, leading teams in response to mine site and public access road emergencies, provide medical/rescue coverage to the mine site, and local access roads. Respond, combat, control and coordinate emergency response to fire, rescue and medical related incidents. Operate and maintain on site emergency response and medical equipment. Conduct site emergency response developmental and/or maintenance training sessions to site emergency response teams. Maintain first aid and fire fighting stock supplies including site ambulance and fire appliances. Conduct fitness for work policies and procedures. 

Project Manager and Implementer for the delivery of rescue, medical, security and risk management services to a Greenfield Black Coal mine site start-up in the bowen basin. – ($.1M)


Trainer and Assessor to manage and conduct rescue/medical training for internal and external clients.


Mar 2012 to Current
Immediate Assistants IT Manager 

Project Manager


(Hands on Role)


Emergency Services Officer

Managed and supported all IT systems and requirements for the business, supporting all end users. In this role I was hands-on with the installation, management and support of all business systems. 

Managed, implemented and supported all aspects of the migration of core IT, ERP and CRM systems (SaaS) from Singapore and Florida based hosting environment to on shore self managed cloud based hosting in the Telstra data centre (St Leonards, Sydney) The total downtime for this migration, 24 hours ($.5M)


Managed from inception through to completion and support the change to a complete new Active Directory structure for the business, incorporating all core systems. Implementing this project saved the company $.45M per year on licencing and external contractor support. ($.11M)


Managed the implementation of a complete new IPWAN cloud network utilising Telstra NextIP (NaaS), enabling all remove users and sites single sign on to the Immediate Assistants Active Directory and domain (IaaS). Eliminating the need for VPN client software. This project reduced telephone communications costs by 40% ($.9M)


Dec 2010 to Mar 2012
Wesfarmers Curragh ICT Superintendent 

(Hands on role)

Managed and supported all IT systems and requirements for the Wesfarmers Curragh mine site. Managed and supported all IT systems and requirements for the business, supporting all end users. In this role I was hands-on with the installation, management and support of all business systems. 

Managed, implemented and supported the IT requirements for the new technology coal handling plant (CHPP) built on site at the Wesfarmers Curragh Mine. ($200M)


Managed, implemented and supported the IT infrastructure for the 500 man mining camp built on the mining lease of Wesfarmers Curragh. ($4M)


Managed, implemented and supported the IT infrastructure and telemetry systems for the Blackwater Creek Diversion for the Wesfarmers Curragh Mine. ($130M)


Managed, implemented and supported the IT infrastructure and remote repeater systems for the Modular mining remote vehicle monitoring and High Precision GPS system for the Wesfarmers Curragh Mine. ($.25M)


Managed, implemented and supported the implementation for the Klinge tyre and environmental monitoring hardware and software system for the Wesfarmers Curragh Mine. ($.25M)


Managed, implemented and supported a site wide centrally managed weather and environmental monitoring stations across the Curragh Mine. ($.25M)


Managed the implementation of the site wide VHF paging system and wireless activation system for emergency response on the Wesfarmers Curragh Mine lease. ($.12M)


Technical lead for the design, implementation and support of the self managed Disaster Recovery infrastructure and automated fail over system hosted at the IBM Data Centre in Brisbane. ($2.7M)


Managed, implemented and supported the business continuity systems and processes for maintaining the ability to remain self sufficient for an extended period of time utilising solar and generator power and internal in-house communications systems. ($.5M)


Technical advisor and project support for the development and rollout of Oracle R12 for Wesfarmers Resources and implementation at the Wesfarmers Curragh Mine Site. ($1.7M)


Managed, implemented and supported the roll out of the MOSS system for the Curragh Mine (Project Blackrock) ($2.1M)


Managed, implemented and supported the rollout of a site wide wireless IP network system ($.2M)


Contract managed the site wide VHF and UHF Radio communications system on the Wesfarmers Curragh Mining lease.


Dec 2008 to Dec 2010
SEMA Group IT Manager 

Project Manager


(Hands on role)

Managed, implemented and supported the local IT support team and IT system requirements for the Brisbane operation, as well as standing in as the National IT manager when required. Assisted in the management and support for all national systems for the business, nationally supporting all end users. 

Technical Project Lead and Team Leader for the implementation of Oracle R11 across national operations (Brisbane/Sydney/Melbourne) – $1.5M)


Managed, implemented and supported for the implementation and rollout of the national disaster recovery and failover system – ($.9M)


Managed, implemented and supported the server room refurbishment project in the Brisbane office (.25M)


Managed, implemented and supported the rollout of a new Citrix release – ($.9M)


Oct 2007 to Nov 2008
Menzies Aviation IT Manager 

Project Manager


(Hands on role)

Managed, implemented and supported all IT systems and requirements for the Australian and New Zealand Operations, as well as being charged with the management of all firewall security systems globally. Managed and supported all IT systems and requirements for the business, supporting all end users. 

While in this role, Microsoft also completed a case study on my use of Microsoft systems across aviation operations.


Managed, implemented and supported the building of a new server room at Tullamarine International Airport – ($.14M)


Managed, implemented and supported the migration of IT systems from the purchase of Ansett Cargo terminal at the Sydney International Airport, including the refurbishment of the MDF, Fibre and Cat 5 cabling. This project included the merging of data, and cleansing file systems as well and the migration of SITA systems and addressing. This data centre was then incorporated in to the Menzies Aviation WAN network and linked directly to Tullamarine via an IPWAN network for redundancy and failover.


Managed, implemented and supported the migration of IT systems from the purchase of United Cargo based in New Zealand at the Auckland International Airport. This project included the merging of data, and file systems as well the migration of SITA systems. This operation was incorporated in to the Menzies Aviation WAN network and linked directly to Sydney via an international IPWAN network for redundancy and failover.


Australia/New Zealand Technical Project Lead for the migration of all Australian and New Zealand systems to the Global Menzies Aviation WAN, and migration to the Menzies Aviation Global Active Directory.


Australia/New Zealand Technical Project Lead for the implementation of a global CITRIX platform for Menzies Aviation worldwide


Technical manager and administrator for the implementation of a centrally managed global firewall system for Menzies Aviation worldwide


Australian Technical Project Lead for the HERMES cargo management project ($12M)


June 2001 to Sep 2007
CSIRO Coastal CRC Web developer 

IT Support


Web Trainer

Responsible for the development of the Coastal CRC for Inland waterways public facing website. 

Delivering Training and teaching at the Griffith University Campus (Nathan) to scientists, doctors and postgraduate students on the use of the CSIRO Coastal CRC IT system remote data logging devices.


General Desktop, web and systems support


April 2000 to May 2001
DHL Aviation IT Aviation Cargo Systems Engineer 

IT Support


LAN/WAN Engineer

Managed, implemented and supported all IT systems and requirements for the business, supporting all end users. 

Project Technical Lead for the migration of Novell systems to Microsoft Active Directory.


Project Technical administrator for the roll out of JD Edwards (JDE) on the AS400 Unix system.


Delivering Training and teaching end users on the use of Microsoft Active Directory based systems as well as delivering web development/management training to Scandinavia/Baltic region intranet administrators.


Project Lead on the relocation of Data centre during cargo centre expansion.

Responsible for the support of all IT systems at Kastrup International Airport (Copenhagen Denmark)


Project Advisor and technical lead for the implementation of the containerisation global package tracking system for DHL worldwide express

Nov 1995 to Jan 2000 

Employment History OVERVIEW


March 2012 – May 2013

MSS Strategic Medical and Rescue

Project Manager & Training Coordinator/ESO

  • Managing support for remote operations IT systems and conducting analyses of the technical needs of the business; Completing operational reports for the National Manager and National Clinical Operations Manager and liaising directly with client management teams, along with developing and putting in place the policies and procedures for operations;
  • Managing and mentoring a team of Emergency Services Officers and leading emergency response teams at incidents along with conducting safety inspections and audits in the work place and reporting to HS&T Superintendent on health and safety issues as well as conducting toolbox talks on medical and safety related topics;
  • Managing, implementing and supporting new site start-up for BHP Billiton Daunia Mine a Greenfield coal mine, as well as the interviewing and on boarding of all safety and security staff for Daunia Mine QLD and BHP/IO WA;
  • Managing the company training portfolio, Conducting certified training for First Aid and Technical Rescue to clients, delivering and assisting with the development of site induction training to groups including Coal mining legislation, OH&S and emergency procedures, managing hazardous substances and conducting isolation and tagging, mine traffic rules, workplace inspections, applying personal protective equipment and manual handling procedures, awareness of fitness for work and Health and hygiene and conducting first aid training;

December 2010 – March 2012

Immediate Assistants Pty Ltd.

ICT Manager

  • Managing, implementing and supporting all business IT systems, ensuring all systems maintained 99.9% uptime; Managing, implementing and supporting IT licensing and compliance, maintaining systems security and data integrity, developing and delivering IT policies and procedures along with SharePoint and InfoPath Development;
  • Project managing, implementing and supporting the migration of all systems from off shore to on shore hosting implementing and supporting the utilisation of Cloud based secure (Next-IP) system (NaaS); Managing, implementing and supporting the installation of fibre to the node for the new St Leonards data centre communications. This project was the first of its kind in Australia for Telstra; they had never done such a migration of this type or size. This project pioneered Telstra’s ability to now conduct international migrations of systems, without downtime or loss of data. This included the migration of; Microsoft SharePoint 2007 (Singapore hosted), Microsoft Exchange 2003 (Singapore hosted), Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4 (Florida hosted), Microsoft SQL 2003 (Singapore) and Microsoft Live Meeting (Seattle Based) All systems were migrated to a new data centre in St Leonards in Sydney into one Active Directory environment with true Single Sign On capability. The new systems were upgraded to, SharePoint 2010 Enterprise, Microsoft Exchange 2010, Microsoft CRM 2011, Microsoft SQL Server 2010 and Lync 2011.
  • Assisting in many major remote projects and operational start ups including supporting IT systems for deployment of medical teams into remote and international locations;
  • Operating as part of a rescue team as an Emergency Services Officer providing emergency response on mine sites and delivering training in specialist rescue fields.

December 2008 – December 2010

Wesfarmers Curragh Pty Ltd. (CQML)

ICT Superintendent 

  • Managing, mentoring and supporting 1st and 2nd level helpdesk staff and senior IT engineers, system administrators, developers and analysts. Maintaining responsibility of maintaining and ensuring service availability, systems security and data integrity of all ICT systems based in Brisbane, Blackwater and Perth; Managing the capital and operating IT budget, ensured licensing and compliance was fulfilled, managed service level agreements and contracts with external providers;
  • Managing improvements and technology change outs, implementing and supporting SCADA systems, Modular mining systems, Klinge systems and other proprietary systems; designing, implementing and supporting a site wide mobile solar powered wireless breadcrumb trailer repeater system and the rollout of a 126sq/km wireless (802.11) network; as well as managing, implementing and supporting terrestrial site wide wireless system, and supported RF site communications systems; as well as being responsible for
  • Project Managing, implementing and supporting the IT requirements for a ($200m) coal handling plant (CHPP), the IT infrastructure for a ($4m) 500 man mining camp and ($130m) Blackwater Creek Diversion.
  • Managing, implementing, supporting the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Systems, as well as conducting regular live testing Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Systems ensuring the business maintained operational effectiveness without external providers under natural or man made disasters utilising uninterrupted diesel generator power, redundant and failover network communications, replication of Data for bsckup and recovery and radio, phone and paging communication.

October 2007 – November 2008

Sema Group Pty Ltd (SecurityMail)

IT Manager / Team Leader

  • Managing the Australian IT Departments (Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane); consisting of IT support staff, systems engineers and after hours on call national support maintaining Microsoft and UNIX based IT systems;
  • Assisting and leading in many major projects such as Architecting DMZ zones and designing, implementing and maintaining disaster recovery sites and managed the rollout of a new Oracle ERP system
  • Assessing and advising network security, management and maintenance of Microsoft based firewalls as well as testing and maintaining internal and external security for the network;

June 2001 – September 2007

Menzies Aviation Group                                                                                               

Regional IT Manager (AU/NZ) / Global Security Advisor

  • Management of the Australian & New Zealand IT Departments Maintaining on call 24/7 National & Global (UK, China and US) support; supporting all IT Australian and New Zealand ICT systems; Managing the budgeting and forecasting the IT expenditure and monitoring licensing compliance and managing external vendor and support contractors; assessing and advising network security, monitoring network and data security for Menzies Aviation global operations, IDS systems and conducting forensic analysis on any security issues on a global basis;
  • Project managing, implementing, supporting the IT requirements of business acquisitions in Australia and New Zealand as well as other IT components of global business projects;
  • Managing, implementing, supporting and maintaining the Cargo, Passenger Services, GSE and Ramp applications and systems along with liaising with external system companies such as SITA, CUTE, ARINC;

April 2000 – May 2001 (Short Term contract)

CRC for Coastal Zone, Estuary & Waterway Management

Web developer and Support

  • Responsible for the management and design of http://www.coastal.crc.org.au and graphic design for media & publication, as well as desktop and network support for staff at CSIRO (Long Pocket)
  • Consulting with researchers and scientists receiving data supplied from them from universities for public access; consulting with Scientists, Post Graduates and researchers in regards to technologies, design, structure & planning of newer E‐tech systems;

November 1995 – January 2000

DHL Aviation (DHL Worldwide Express) Kastrup, Copenhagen, Denmark

Systems & Network Engineer  & Intranet systems and web developer

  • Responsible for the installation & Maintenance of routers, switches and phones; supporting and troubleshooting all IT issues and managing and maintaining network security administration as well as for web development and Intranet systems (mail, calendar, news);
  • Managing, maintaining and administrating AS/400 and JD Edwards, VOIP, all LAN / WAN systems (NT, Novell, Zen Works, UNIX, AS/400, ISDN, SITA, PERLE); Management and administration of 95/98/NT Desktop support & hardware & device repairs & Installation; and the installation & maintenance of Novell and NT Server infrastructure;


BSB51413 - Diploma of Project Management 

  • § BSBPMG511A Manage project scope
  • § BSBPMG512A Manage project time
  • § BSBPMG513A Manage project quality
  • § BSBPMG514A Manage project cost
  • § BSBPMG515A Manage project human resources
  • § BSBPMG516A Manage project information and communication
  • § BSBPMG517A Manage project risk

ICA60311 – Advanced Diploma of Information Technology Business Analysis (currently undertaking)

  • § ICAICT608A Interact with clients on a business level
  • § ICAICT610A Manage copyright, ethics and privacy in an IT environment
  • § ICAPMG609A Plan and direct complex IT projects
  • § ICASAD601A Perform IT-focused enterprise analysis
  • § ICASAD603A Plan and monitor business analysis activities in an IT environment
  • § ICASAD604A Manage and communicate IT solutions
  • § ICASAD605A Elicit IT requirements
  • § ICASAD606A Analyse stakeholder requirements
  • § ICASAD607A Manage assessment and validation of IT solutions
  • § BSBINN601B Manage organisational change
  • § BSBMGT608C Manage innovation and continuous improvement
  • § BSBWOR502B Ensure team effectiveness
  • § ICAICT601A Develop IT strategic and action plans
  • § ICAICT604A Identify and implement business innovation
  • § ICAICT609A Lead the evaluation and implementation of current industry-specific technologies
  • § ICANWK601A Design and implement a security system
  • § ICAPMG601A Establish IT project governance
  • § ICAPMG603A Manage IT project planning
  • § ICAPMG606A Manage IT project quality
  • § ICAPRG602A Manage the development of technical solutions from business specifications
  • § ICASAD505A Develop technical requirements for business solutions

Mining and resources industry related certifications

  • § Medical – Coal Mine Worker Health Surveillance (UG) 2017
  • § Medical – Mines Rescue
  • § Obligations of a Coal Mine Worker Section 39
  • § MNC30104 Certificate III in Surface Coal Mining Operations
  • § RIIOHS204A Work Safely at Heights
  • § RIIVEH305A Operate and maintain a Four Wheel Drive Vehicle
  • § RIIVEH201 Operate a Light Vehicle
  • § BMA Waste Management
  • § BHP Environmental Awareness
  • § BHP Life Saving Rules
  • § BMA Defensive Driving Program
  • § BMA Induction (Gregory Crinum)
  • § BMA Induction (SOPs)
  • § BMA Core Induction GIQ
  • § BMA Code of Business Conduct 1 & 2
  • § BMA Generic Surface Mobile Equipment Assessment
  • § BMA Light Vehicle Site Licence
  • § BMA Permit to Work Permit User & Permit Holder
  • § BMA Permit to Work Restricted Isolator & Personal Isolator
  • § BMA Safe & Job Step Analysis (JSA)
  • § BMA Tracks Training System Trainer Assessor
  • § BMA WSV Site Access
  • § BRM SOP056 Using Hazardous Substances
  • § BRM SOP065 Using PPE
  • § BRM SOP 096B Manual Handling
  • § BMA Crinum East Surface Familiarisation
  • § BMA East-Gregory Access Road
  • § BMA Crinum Light Vehicle Authorisation
  • § BMA Crinum Site Surface Induction
  • § BMA EEO Awareness
  • § BMA Fire Management Plan
  • § GCM Annual Refresher
  • § GCM Fitness for Work
  • § GCM MTC SOP40
  • § GCM Rehabilitation and Injury Management
  • § GCM RIIVEH201 All Light Vehicles (Unrestricted)
  • § GCM Site Induction
  • § GCM SOP010 Isolation
  • § GCM SOP030.01 Operation of Mobile Equipment (Surface)
  • § GCM SOP030.02 Towing of Vehicles and Mobile Equipment
  • § GCM SOP030.03 Recovery of Vehicles and Mobile Equipment
  • § GCM SOP030.04 Safe Loading and Discharge of Loads
  • § GCM SOP030.05 Vehicles and Mobile Equipment Near Electrical Installations
  • § GCM SOP030.06 Movement of Plant and Supplies
  • § GCM SOP070.01 Lifting and Cranage (Surface)
  • § GCM SOP100 Work Area Inspections
  • § GCM SOP 100.01 Hazardous Area Access Control
  • § GCM SOP190 Action Taken in Outbreak of Fire
  • § GCM SOP202 Personal Protective Equipment
  • § GCM SOP204 Workplace Amenities and Hygiene
  • § GCM SOP201 Lasers Radiation and Heat Stress
  • § GCM SOP230 Manual Handling
  • § GCM SOP250 Hazardous Substances Management and Control
  • § GCM Surface General Familiarisation
  • § GCM Work Area Familiarisation (Admin and Warehouse)
  • § Gregory Mine General Health and Safety Induction

Training and supervisory related certifications

  • § TAA40104 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • § TAE10 Enterprise Trainer and Assessor
  • § PUAOHS001B Follow defined Occupational Health and Safety Policies and procedures
  • § PUAOHS002B Maintain Safety at an Incident Scene
  • § PUALAW001B Protect and Preserve an Incident Scene
  • § SEM0019 SES Safety Officer
  • § SEM0002 Effective Assistance
  • § PUASES002A Work in an Emergency Operations Centre
  • § VCL315 Introduction to briefings
  • § VCL305 Tactical Command

Specialist rescue related certifications

  • § PUA2005 Certificate II in Public Safety (SES Operations)
  • § PUA21310 Certificate II in Public Safety
  • § PUA30410 Certificate III Public Safety (SES Rescue)
  • § RII30709 Certificate III Mines Emergency Response and Rescue
  • § PUASAR023A Urban Search and Rescue – USAR
  • § PUSAR002A Undertake road accident rescue
  • § HCBR1174 Hazmat and Chemical Biological and Radiological Awareness
  • § PUASES003A Undertake flood and inland waterways rescue boat operations

First aid and medical related certifications

  • § HLTFA301B Apply First Aid
  • § HLTFA402C Advanced First Aid
  • § 22099VIC Analgesic gases
  • § PAR100A Analgesic Gases
  • § 22101VIC Defibrillation
  • § MS230AT Discuss the identification and treatment of heat related illness
  • § PUAEME001A Provide emergency care
  • § PUAEME002A Manage injuries at an emergency incident
  • § SEM0302 Casualty Handling

General Rescue and safety certifications

  • § PUATEA001A Work in a Team
  • § PUAOPE002A Operate communications systems and equipment
  • § 39253QLD Low Voltage Rescue
  • § PUAWER008B Confine Small Workplace Emergencies
  • § RFSA001 Working with the Rural Fire Service
  • § RFSA002 Safety in the Rural Fire Service
  • § RFSA003 Understanding Wildfire
  • § SEM0001 Volunteering in SES
  • § SEM0301 General Rescue
  • § SEM0303 Ropes Knots and Holdfasts
  • § SEM0304 Ladders
  • § SEM0320 Emergency Lighting
  • § VCL310 Principles of wildfire suppression
  • § VCL320 Map Reading and Navigation
  • § VCL335 Conduct hazard reduction activities


Stephen Hartley – Director (Creative Corporate)

Nicholas Prass – National Manager (MSS Strategic Medical and Rescue)

David Hutchison – Clinical Manager (MSS Strategic Medical and Rescue)

David Jarvis – General Manager (Immediate Assistants)

Steve Brockington – Civil Engineer (Wesfarmers)